Woodland leaf necklace, minimalist pendant with brown leaf

Leaf necklace with simple woodland pendant, rustic brown leaf necklace.
Woodland simple pendant, rustic leaf necklace,  with brown leaf and black string.

Polymer clay light brown leaf necklace, for nature lovers, simple woodland.

Black cotton string approx 56 cm long, with simple knot, available also in brown or white, or silver or copper colour chain with clasp.
(see brown string here http://tuttosicrea.tictail.com/product/green-leaf-necklace-woodland-pendant-with-simple-leaf
silver colour chain here http://tuttosicrea.tictail.com/product/light-green-leaf-necklace-minimalist-silver-necklace-with-lea...
copper colour chain here http://tuttosicrea.tictail.com/product/oak-leaf-necklace-woodland-copper-oak-leaf-pendant)
The back of the leaf is simple ecru colour.

Collana con pendente foglia color rame.
Collana rustica,  con semplice pendente foglia ecru e color rame e cordino nero.
Foglia color beige ecru e color rame in argilla polimerica, semplice e rustica, per minimalisti amanti della natura.
Cordino in cotone nero o bianco, lungo circa 56 cm con nodo, disponibile anche in marrone, o con catenella colore argento o rame con moschettone.
(vedi cordino marrone qui http://tuttosicrea.tictail.com/product/green-leaf-necklace-woodland-pendant-with-simple-leaf
catenina color argento qui http://tuttosicrea.tictail.com/product/light-green-leaf-necklace-minimalist-silver-necklace-with-lea...
catenina color rame qui http://tuttosicrea.tictail.com/product/oak-leaf-necklace-woodland-copper-oak-leaf-pendant)
Il retro della foglia è beige ecru a tinta unita.
16 EUR