Rustic beads ecru and brown

Rustic beads ecru and brown

Rustic beads in polymer clay ecru and brown, with application of tiny colorful leaves, set of 5 pieces.

A set of beads handmade in polymer clay with the natural colors of earth: ecru with brown shades, for a rustic style, tribal and woodland.

The shape of disc has irregular surface textured with holes, scratches and roughness, put in evidence by the brown patina, for an antique and natural effect.
On the beads are applied four tiny beads in polymer clay, in different color for each bead: dark green, light green, green and white, beige, violet.

You can make with these beads jewels in boho, rustic and natural style, matching them with wood, copper, rough glass, clay...; or use them to decorate bags, clothes, acessories for the hair or home decor, as curtains, pillows...

The beads measure approximately 1.8 cm (0.70 inches) of diameter, 0.90 cm (0.35 inches) of thickness, the hole measures 2 mm (0.07 inches) so it's easy to fit wire, chord, small chains...
12 EUR