Romantic rustic Red Christmas Packaging set

Romantic rustic Red Christmas Packaging set.

Completely handmade packaging set Romantic rustic natural Christmas.

The set includes:

- 50 x 70 cm (19.68 x 27.55 inches approx) kraft paper hand stamped in red and silver with handcarved stamps (in the pictures you see it folded in two)
- 4 cardboard tags hand stamped with hand carved branches stamps in gold, white, red, silver
- 4 polymer clay heart shaped tags, red colour with gold flower pattern and scalloped edges
- 1 glass vial with cork containing 100 handmade mini red stickers: heart and bow (50 + 50)
- 1.5 mt (1.6 yards approx) string natural colour
- 3 pieces of burgundy raffia 1 mt (1 yard approx) each

For rustic, romantic, natural Christmas packaging, wrap your gifts and add custom details! 
Personalize each gift with tags and stickers, give a touch of rustic elegance with raffia bows and knots.
23 EUR
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