Organic statement necklace earthy rustic

Organic statement necklace earthy rustic

Statement necklace inspired by nature, organic and modern style. In polymerclay, earthy and rustic colors.

A truly unique piece to stand out in any occasion with a very particular style: a piece of wearable art.

This necklace is inspired by the shapes and colors of nature, in the shades of the earth, the sea, the vegetation.
Forest green, ocher, terracotta, turquoise are the harmonious mix of this jewel with metal and copper details.
A series of three-dimensional discs forming craters, made with a particular technique to give volume and spatiality; surfaces have the rough texture of the rock, soft irregularities of organic matter, lines, dots and stripes are combined asymmetrically.

The metal parts are copper, warm and bright color, perfectly harmonized with the natural tints of the necklace.

Total length 67 cm (26.3 inches approx), no hooks (slips easily from the head).

55 EUR