Musk green bangle nature boho

Musk green bangle nature boho

Bangle bracelet in polymer clay moss green, musk texture effect, with gold and bronze texture A piece of wearable art..

The classic shape of the bangle comes to life referring to the forms of nature.

I wanted to reproduce in polymer clay, with a particular and fascinating technique, the colors and lines of natural elements such as moss, musk, coral, rock.

Perfect for emphasize a boho look or to point out a minimal outfit with natural fabrics and colors.

Slightly rounded shape, this bangle moss green is drilled irregularly, with edges of soft lines and a corrugated surface, with craters and concretions highlighted by metallic powders green, bronze and gold, that give rich and shiny accents.
Everything is painted in epoxy resin for a glossy and tactile finish.

Measures: diameter 6.5 cm (2.55 inches approx), height 5 cm (1.96 inches approx).

Check carefully the measures of your hand, which must slip easily into the cuff without forcing.
30 EUR21 EUR