Grey green notebook journal with pine cone stamp

Grey green notebook with pine cone stamp, handmade paper journal, traveler's notebook.

A rustic woodlan notebook handmade with paper and cardboard, brown green pine cone stamped decor.

The woodland botanical journal is totally handmade: cut, sewn, stamped with green blank paper, grey green cardboard, cotton thread.

There are 20 blank green sheets (40 pages) and a green grey cardboard cover stamped with pine cone illustration from hand carved stamps I made.

The  rustic botanical journal can be a gift for her or him, a useful tool for notes at work or at school, a woodland sketchbook, a diary or journal for thoughts, poems, doodles, a traveler's notebook or bullet journal.

Size is A6 (15 x 10.5 cm / 5.9 x 4.13 inches approx).

You can request different colors or size for a CUSTOM PERSONALIZED journal.