Glass vial clay mini planter vase, Pastel colors mini pots

Glass vial and clay mini planter vases, Pastel color pots for flowers and succulent, set of 3.

Mini round vases set with flowers in glass vial, pastel colors.

A delicate and unique decoration for your home: the planters are made with a ring in polymer clay in which is inserted a glass vial.
You can fill them with water for fresh flowers, with soil for small cactus or even leave it empty for dried flowers.

The pots will be wonderful with small wild flowers, daisies, primroses; or with dried flowers like rose buds, ferns, small berries.

Decorate a corner of your home with a romantic detail and be truly original.

The planters are in polymer clay pastel colors blue, pink and yellow; the shape and the surface are asymmetric and irregular, with textures highlighted by a white coating.
The vials are made of glass.

Measures approximately 5x5 cm (1.96x1.96 inches approx).

Set of three pieces.
40 EUR