Geometric mini planter succulent pot

Geometric mini planter succulent pot

Geometric mini planter for cactus, succulents, small flowers. Indoor pots in polymer clay brown and copper.

Set of three mini planters, perfect for cactus and succulents or small flowers: modern design and organic shapes.

I made these mini planter pots in polymer clay, brown colour with copper metallic powder surface: coordinated but different, they have geometric and asymmetrical shapes. One is textured with tiny points for a hammered metal effect, one faceted, one with round impressions as a sea sponge surface.
The basic colour is brown with metallic surface copper colour, varnished transparent satin.

Give value even to the simplest plant with these decorative pots that will attract the attention of your guests on a corner you want to make cozy, on a piece of furniture that you especially love, a windowsill to enrich.

Arrange them near a light to highlight them and grow your plants greenest.

The planters have a small hole at the base to better circulate the air; thery are water resistant but indicated for plants that require little or no watering; you can directly put the earth in the pots and planting or sowing your cactus.

Dimensions: 3 x 4.5 cm - 1.18 x 1.77 inches approx (points), 2 x 4.5 cm - 0.78 x 1.77 inches approx (round impressions), 2.5 x 4.5 cm - 0.98 x 1.77 inches approx (faceted).
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