Brown green woodland Ivy bangle cuff

Brown green woodland Ivy bangle cuff

Bangle bracelet in polymer clay wood effect with ivy and moss.

This bangle is OOAK (One Of A Kind); with a complex and particular technique I wanted to reproduce a piece of nature that has always fascinated me: the wood, the bark of a tree covered with soft moss and a branch of ivy.

An image simple but wonderful!

I modeled polymer clay to create fragments of bark and wood, from chocolate brown to dark brown and I've applied them around the bracelet; the moss has been patiently worked to make the little soft tuftst; I finally completed with ivy leaves, illuminated by golden and bronze iridescent powders, wrapped around a thin branch with its small roots.

A sculpture to wear.

The interior is plain ecru, the outer diameter is about 8 cm (3.14 inches approx), the inner one of 6 cm (2.36 inches approx), the average height is 5 cm (1.96 inches approx).

The leaf necklace in photo is here http://tuttosicrea.tictail.com/product/multi-strand-copper-green-leaves-necklace
Matches with ivy ring http://tuttosicrea.tictail.com/product/green-copper-ivy-leaf-ring

Considering the value and non-repeatability of the object, I send this piece only with Registered Mail.
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