Blue lilac notebooks set, Feathers boho journal stationery set

Blue lilac notebooks set, Feathers boho journal stationery set.

Blue and lilac stamped boho notebooks, Handmade bullet journals or traveler's notebooks, Custom journal stationery set.

A coordinate set of two blue and lilac notebooks handmade, with boho feathers decor.

Two paper journals completely handmade: I have cut, sewn, stamped the notebooks with boho feathers from stamps I personally designed and carved.

I used light blue blank paper, blue and lilac cardboard, cotton thread, blue and white ink.

There are 20 blank yellow sheets (40 pages) in the notebooks and a cardboard cover stamped with feathers and tribal pattern.

The coordinate stationery set can be a useful tool for your notes at work or at school, a sketchbook, a diary or journal for thoughts, poems, doodles, a traveler's notebook or bullet journal.

Size is A6 (15 x 10.5 cm / 5.9 x 4.13 inches approx).

You can request different colors or size for a CUSTOM PERSONALIZED journal.
Price is for two notebooks.
15 EUR
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