Asymmetrical mini planter succulent pot

Asymmetrical mini planter succulent pot

Asymmetrical mini planters for cactus, succulents, small flowers. Indoor pots in polymer clay white-grey and silver.

Set of two mini planters, perfect for cactus and succulents or small flowers: asymmetric, inclined, modern design.

I made these mini planters in polymer clay white-gray with silver decorations: coordinated but different, they are asymmetrical and inclined, leaning and irregular. The white-gray color is illuminated by silver details: sponge effect paint and metal foil, shiny and modern. A set of marked contrasts in contemporary and minimalist lines.

Give value even to the simplest plant with these decorative pots that will attract the attention of your guests on a corner you want to make cozy, on a piece of furniture that you especially love, a windowsill to enrich.

Arrange them near a light to highlight them and grow your plants greenest.

The planters have a small hole at the base to better circulate the air; thery are water resistant but indicated for plants that require little or no watering; you can directly put the earth in the pots and planting or sowing your cactus.

Dimensions: height 5 cm (1.96 inches approx), opening width 3.5 cm (1.37 inches approx), basis width 2 cm approx (0.78 inches approx (dots).

Shipped in a gift box in recycled cardboard.
22.96 EUR