Artisan rustic beads boho folk blue white

Artisan rustic beads boho folk blue white

Rustic blue washer beads in polymer clay, handmade, 6 pieces.

A set of 6 beads hand modeled in polymer clay in sky blue, rustic and tribal style: the surface is rough, textured by grooves, holes and points highlighted by the white coating.
Reminiscent of primitive jewelry, antique and ethnic.
On some of the beads are small millefiori canes in polymer clay shaped as feathers, in shades of blue, blue and white: a special detail!

Perfect to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings boho, ethnic, rustic style; match them with feathers, rough stones, wood elements and mount on copper: the effect will be a beautiful tribal jewel!

The hole is wide enough to pass cords, straps and chains: measuring 2 mm in diameter. The bead diameter is 1.3 cm, the thickness of 9 mm.
12 EUR